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A number of my friends and I recently spend some time in early September at your hotel.  I was the coordinator for our group which was known as the ‘Bitburg Reunion.’ For the past two years, I also was the one who put forth New England as a place to visit.  Last, but not least, I selected Portland, ME as our destination.

Early in my search I requested the Convention Bureau send out two emails to a number of hotel.  The emails, I think, were called a ‘request for proposal’.  In addition to price, I asked for other reasons I should choose that hotel.  The one thing that Mrs. Levesque did that none of the other respondents did not do, was she reached out and called me.  we spoke of many areas of interest.  I late told my wife, ‘Mrs. Levesque understands me and what I wish to accomplish’.

Aside from the convention bureau sending the request for proposals, Mrs. Levesque was the most singular reason I eventually chose your hotel.  She had the answers or quickly found them.  She is an outstanding asset to your hotel.  The reason I make that statement is that in my opinion is an exceptional person, doing a superior job in a very competitive environment.

Bitburg Reunion Coordinator